Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dudes! Frank Attack here from your most fave public access show "Frank Attacks Hollywood" with some most bogus news! Remember that whole Giovanni Alibaster take-over thing from last week?! Well the dude has gone nutzo!. He's removing all our fave monsters from the studio and line-up and get this: HE'S REPLACING THEM WITH COMPUTER EFFECTS?! MOST HEINOUS! I've already written like a thousand letters of complaint about this one! Setting Sun Studios was the original and the only studio to continue using real monsters through the dawn of the atomic age! Yeah there were some accidents along the way but the show always went on! That's what was so awesome about it ! I've always shown much love and respect to those dudes and dudettes over at Setting Sun for their continuing efforts to push the rampage genre. They gave us mondo classics like Kyzilla, Flutra, Snaptile, Fontanel, The Slug Monster! Giovanni Alibaster is a film-making poser, I'm calling it now dudes. Lay your bets on the table. -Frank Attack, Frank Attacks Hollywood

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kyzilla 132- The Return of Kyzilla?

Kyzilla 132, The Return of Kyzilla? Maybe not. It's been confirmed by several reports submitted to MNAbundance online that the independantly released Kyzilla 132 "The Return of Kyzilla" will be the final picture created by MNH veteran Setting Sun Studios starring the beloved monster of the same name. Several sources remain unclear as to how the studio, which has been in the buisiness of producing the majority of MNHollywood's more popular Monster films for the past twenty years, will continue to produce the Kyzilla franchise without it's main star monster. Executive lips remain tight in the wake of a semi-hostle power shift within the company occuring two weeks ago when Hollywood new-comer Giovanni Alibaster became a the majority shareholder and moved that the Monsters be "retired" over insurance liability reasons. Alibaster, already a successful software tycoon and known around the world for his eccentric tastes in culture and art, has yet to issue a public statement in regards to what he expects for the studio in the coming fiscal year. Needless to say, this bold move has many investors speculating as to what lies in the future for Setting Sun Studios. -Brian Fox, MNAbunance online.