Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fire at Setting Sun

Setting Sun Studios caught on fire today. Specifically, the wing where Dr. Klozenheimer's lab was located has been burned to the ground. Yeah, that's right- the lab that's suppose to contain all of the K-project files as well as the mainframe where R.U.B.I and Nexxtus where stored. How conveniant that they are no more when they were soon to undergo investigation. Setting Sun reps are trying to say that it's the fault of monster uprising exercised through some kind of espionage...even though they have no monster patsys (oops, I mean perpitrators) other than the Fugitive Four (Kyzilla, Slug Monster, Flutra, and Snaptile) who are still missing. To yours truely, this whole monsters started the fire thing sounds like a load. I know. I'm bleeding heart for the awesomeness of all things monsters but if Kyzilla and his crew wanted to destroy the Klozenheimer lab then why didn't they do it the night of the Kythanium breakout? Seriously. It wouldn't have been hard for a level-10 Kythanium laying monster to turn his head and quickly take care of that. Why go back to a place crawling with military and M.N.H.B.B monster units and burn it down? Because it's in the script?

...wait a don't suppose-Uh-Oh! Oh, here I goes independently think'en again...Asking questions! THESE LONELY ORIGINAL THOUGHTS!

Could it be that Setting Sun's own people set that fire with government approval?!! Like, duh! I've never seen a more blatant cover-up! The authorities seem to be taking it for what they're saying without any evidence..which is of course because they're in on it. So nice to know that I live in a country where I can at least say that what's going on is foul, even if nothing is going to be done about it. Gee, who killed the Czar of Cahsa? Must have been a monster. Who shot that senator of Parkstan? We're not sure, so it must have been a monster. Hey, is everyone cool if we just blame monsters for everything we don't feel like figuring out? Just checking. I guess the real mystery is why the cover-up? We already know Klozenheimer and Denson were working with American military forces before everything transferred to Americom in the wake of the country's giant investment bank merger, so what exactly are they trying to hide? What's left to expose? Gee, what was it R.U.B.I said? Something about Nexxtus, the mad computer program that wants to destroy reality? Been a shocking lack of that being discussed in the media lately.

May Science-God Bless Americom,

-Frank Attack

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