Monday, January 12, 2009


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Developing Story:

Dozens of military officers are missing and presumed dead in Mega-Neo-Hollywood this morning in the wake of a terrible monster rampage that occurred at Setting Sun Studios late last night. Many unconfirmed reports suggest that the incident began around 11:00 pm when several of the studios' well-known monsters went on a tirade in their stables for unknown reasons. The tirade prompted the studio's security force to tranquilize the monsters and it was then that several of the monsters broke free of their restraints and went on RAMPAGE. Military and B.B.R. units were immediately alerted to an emergency when a level 10 Kythanium blast appeared over Mega-Neo-Hollywood's skyline. Triangulating the blast's origins led authorities to the source: Setting Sun Studios. As this story continues to develop, there have been numerous reports of people including civilians being eaten alive by monsters with an estimted property damage on Mega-Neo-Hollywood's entire east end estimated to be in the ger-billions. “It looked like an utter war-zone,” said just one of the actors who played Wolverine of the carnage he witnessed from behind the window of his his posh Mega-Neo-Hollywood assisted-living loft. “There were military helichoppers flying in from all directions trying to get a spotlight on these things and I had to turn from the window because it was just an utter war-zone.”

Another neighbor, Ten-Jaques Garble, a local actor and server at the Atomic Skillet, called in to give another account through endless sobs: “I was in the middle of studying for this big part I have in the film adaptation of this book I heard about based on the Harry Potter series when there was this strange racket like all Hell breaking loose and it was then that I turned around to look out the balcony and I'll never forget that I saw this burning military vehicle flying through the air, hurled by some kind of dinosaur slug and it just crashed down on this funny hat club of little bearded men who I use to always see hanging out in the courtyard! I tried to shout at them from where I was on the balcony to run for their lives but there was too much noise- they were just caught so unaware, standing there calmly one minute and then- I don't know why they didn't run away! I keep telling the police that I think someone is dead over there but they just tell me that they already have their hands full with tracking all these loose monsters. What kind of justice is that?! I'd go check myself but I need to nail this part and I'm already too traumatized Traumatized by what he'd seen, Garble was unable to continue with his account.

Another famous neighbor who asked that her name be with-held for fear of exposure only consented that while she had witnessed the account, having lived in Mega-Neo-Hollywood for years, she has become hardend to monster rampages and was only concerned about what had become of her collection of rare lawn gnomes which had apparently been smashed in the courtyard during the chaos.

Of the monsters who rampaged at Setting Sun last night, The monsters,





Kyzilla, Flutra, Snaptile and The Slug Monster remain at large with their whereabouts unknown. Col. Ludwig Right, head of B.B.R. International wishes to warn the public that these monsters are extremely dangerous beasts with a thirst for blood. They be avoided at all costs and if sighted, authorities should be contacted immediately."
-Pat Robbins, MNH Tribune.

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