Sunday, January 4, 2009

Setting Sun Studios: Evil Coorperation now?!

Hey kids, Shanghi Lou here.

This news out of Mega-Neo-Hollywood today shouldn't come as a surprise to those who've been following the Alabaster Giovanni take-over at Setting Sun Studios.

For starters Giovanni is a software tycoon whose made millions off of the programs he's “obtained” the universal rights to distribute (I have several unflattering opinions about the methods Giovanni's used to do this that I won't go in to right now). So, it came out of left field a few weeks ago when Mr. Software Tycoon revealed that he wanted to purchase a controlling interest in Setting Sun Studios, a company that's been providing us with the most awesome rampage monster films for the past 20 years. This sounded like a death-nail for us die-hard fans who still get a kick out of the old rampage films since knowing what the world knows about Giovanni we all waited semi-patiently for the other diamond-encrusted shoe to drop. That shoe came a week ago with the announcement of his insane idea to remove the genetic effects department that S.S.S. founder P.T. Denson spent his life cultivating and to have it replaced by a virtual effects department (WHAT?!). Now, we were expecting something bad but that level of insanity just left many of us fans wondering: why? Why take over a beloved studio just to ruin it? Rampage films are past their hey-day, but Denson and many others created those films with love and many of us fans still love that genre. So, seriously, why take over the studio only to destroy it's legacy? Well, that answer that came out of Mega-Neo-Hollywood today in the form of NEXTUS, Doorway's latest virtual reality generator. In case you've been living under a rock, Doorway is the principle software supplier to the world and it just so happens to be Giovanni's flagship company. So, it should come as no surprise that Setting Sun Studios has signed exclusive rights with NEXTUS to handle their brand new virtual imagery department. After all, Doorways dumped billions into developing the A.I. behind NEXTUS and the entire company is facing a record loss if it can't get the necessary approval by the Consumer General to distribute it. Several concerns currently coming out of the courts are that the AI involved in running NEXTUS is too unstable, there are even reports that the virtual creations NEXTUS manifests are prone to violence, so much so that even the military won't offer NEXTUS a contract (and those guys love violence). So what's Giovanni's answer to this hurdle? He purchases a controlling interest in Setting Sun Studios, a studio that's forced to have the most expensive insurance around because it deals with monsters, THEN he removes the monsters for “insurance reasons” and re-launches the studio with his virtual NEXTUS monsters with the intentions of using the NEXTUS-cast films (which come complete with a built-in world-wide market) to showcase the power behind his amazing new virtual reality generator. (I want to vomit.) Giovanni gets to keep his billions while rampage fans suffer the consequences. And, there's still one more shoe left to drop on this four-footed creature and that's: what happens to P.T. Denson's legacy? What happens to the artists formally known as Kyzilla or the Slug Monster now that they're being replaced by computer generated duplicates? Will we ever see these guys again or will they fade away like so many Mega-Neo-Hollywood stars before them? Whatever happens next, this defiantly marks the end of an era...

Shanghi Lou, Out

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